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About Vision Garage Flooring

Vision Garage Flooring has been providing professional Granite-style and Epoxy/Polyurethane garage flooring systems for over a decade. Used exclusively by over 35 professional Home and Designer companies, Vision Garage Flooring is number one in value and experience.

Although Vision Garage Flooring offers an array of standard Granite and Epoxy / Polyurethane flooring colors, custom colors and blends are also available. 

More than just professional garage flooring systems, we offer a complete full-range set of services. From flooring preparation and repair to matching garage cabinets, for that one of a kind garage!

If you have a garage floor, shop floor or airplane hanger, we have the flooring system for you.

Specifically formulated for garage floors

All Vision Garage Flooring systems have been engineered for the toughest garage environments. Our flooring systems provide an easy to clean surface, requiring only a paper towel or damp mop for clean-ups. In addition, our flooring systems will protect your garage from staining and tire marks. Our floors are impervious to chemicals, solvents, automotive fluids and rust. Vision Garage Epoxy / Polyurethane flooring systems are guaranteed not to lift, stain or peel for five years! Call us toll free (800) 506-0254

Recent News

PACIFIC SCENE HOMES, Riverside CA  -Selects Vision Garage Flooring as it's garage flooring partner.
JTC ESTATES, Orange CA - Selects Vision Garage Flooring as its garage flooring partner.
W CUSTOM HOMES INC., Costa Mesa, CA - Selects Vision Garage Flooring as its garage flooring partner.
CONSTRUCTIVE IMPROVEMENTS, Corona, CA - Selects Vision Garage Flooring as its garage flooring partner.

Vision Garage Flooring is the premier choice for residents and builders throughout Southern California!


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